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John Curran, Jr click for John's resume and e-mail

Portfolio of Some of John's Work     click on a photo for more about that show

Like most portfolios, this is always a work in progress.  This is a small selection of some of the designs I have created over the years.  I'll be adding more as time and projects permit.

click for pictures of Hamlet
the imaginary invalid
click for more on The Elephant Man
The Imaginary Invalid
The Elephant Man
Click for more on James and te Giant peach at IUN click for more All My Sons
click for more on MEDEA at IUN
James & the Giant Peach
All My Sons
click for more on Wozzeck click for more on Jungle Book at IUN click for more on Cinderella
 The Jungle Book

click for other designs

Other Designs

Last Updated: 3 April 2005
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